Networth Update #5 – October 2020


New month, which means it’s time for another Net Worth update. Even with the 75% savings rate from the last month, I expect the overall net worth as I paid a big chunk of money last month as a part of the settlement.
Let’s see how how the net worth looks.

Net Worth Update Summary

AssetsCurrent Month($)Prev. MONTH($)Change(%)
Investments $190,240 $189,856 +0.20%
Cash $45,233 $61,448 -26.39%
Home Equity $82,000 $76,300 +7.47%
Total $317,473 $327,604 -3.09%

Investment Details

Investments went up by +0.20%. The change percentage includes both the contribution as well as the return. 

AssetsCurrent Month($)Prev. MONTH($)Change(%)
401K $90,407 $91,384 -1.07%
Roth IRA $65,945 $66,954 -1.51%
HSA $17,216 $17,277 -0.35%
Stocks $13,823 $11,083 +24.72%
Crypto $2,849 $3,158 -9.78%
Total $190,240 $189,856 +0.20%

Net Worth Trend

Welp, this was the first month in a while where the net worth went lower than the previous month. It mostly had to do with the settlement payout. Hopefully, this is an exception and not the trend. Happy tracking!

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