Budget Analysis – September 2020

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I can’t believe it’s already October. Without wasting any time, let’s jump right into the last month’s budget

SourceProjected($)Actual($)DIFF (%)
Full-Time & Side Jobs $6,500 $7,797 -20.00%
401K / HSA Contributions $2,820 $2,820 +0.00%
Rental Income $1,750 $1,750 +0.00%
Other Income $200 $112 -44.00%
Total $11,270 $12,479 +10.72%


Expenses were higher than last month as I decided to take a couple of trips to Maryland and New York City.

Overall, I did a pretty good job of staying within the budget. One of the unexpected cost was having to do physical therapy on the foot I sprained while playing soccer.  

CategoryProjected($)Actual($)DIFF (%)
Housing $1,409 $1,409 +0.00%
Utilities $100 $57 - 43.00 %
Food/Supplies $450 $398 - 11.56%
Personal Grooming/Medical $260 $408 +56.92%
Transportation $400 $398 -0.50%
Miscellaneous $303 $387 + 27.72%
Total $2,922 $3,057 +4.62%


Income for the month stayed pretty consistent compared to the last month. However, the expenses were much lower. 

Projected($)Actual($)DIFF (%)
Total Income $11,270 $12,479 +10.73%
Total Expenses $2,922 $3,057 +4.62%
Savings $8,348 $9,422 +12.87%
Savings Rate 74.07% 75.50% +1.43%

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