Budget – August 2020

August Budget

Tricky August

I am a few days late to post my August budget. August will be my first full month in Connecticut. The house in Utah is finally rented, and I don’t have my place in Connecticut yet. Not having my own place and regular expenses makes budgeting very tricky. 

Projected Income

My income for August shouldn’t change much. Side jobs are still slow due to the COVID-19, and my full-time job so far looks secure.

Full-Time & Side Jobs $6,500
401K / HSA Contributions $2,820
Rental Income $1,350
Other Income $200
Total $10,870

Projected Expenses

With August being the first full month in Connecticut, I am not entirely sure how to budget for the month. I don’t have my place here, so I don’t have to pay rent.
Overall, this month should be reasonably good as far as the expenses go. The only item I not sure is the cost associated the renting the house in Utah. I still haven’t received any bills from my Property Management company.

Housing $1,509
Utilities $182
Food/Supplies $450
Personal Grooming/Medical $260
Transportation $1,815
Miscellaneous $200
Rental Management $1,750
Total $6,088

Projected Savings

Total Income $10,870
Total Expenses $6,088
Savings $4,782
Savings Rate 43.99%

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